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Whether it is starting a conceptual design to completing developments, Infinite Defined works with many talented artists and architects to create projects from start to finish

Native American Casino
Entertainment Complex

This is a design for a Native American Cultural center. The final design was inspired by a painting by Clifford Brycelea, “The Northern County-Fall.” This final design incorporated a staffed Greenhouse to demonstrate Early Native American life including small animal hunting, contributions to our modern life such as vegetables, and an elevated art museum that would surround the green house. The design also incorporates an entertainment center as well as a bar/lounge atop the central large tent element of the design. Other designs incorporated round traditional Native American architecture, utilizing the efficiency of the original clay structures with modern technology.

Colorado Housing Developement
New Urbanism Development

This project with Council Tree was a new Urban Development. This design incorporated housing, business and an European style street layouts to break the structure of cubic land developments. This design incorporated a mile jogging course around a small lake. The Lake would include a Dock Restaurant, Cultural Center, 18 Hole Golf Course, Pro Bass fish shop, Gaming Area and Hotel. The cultural center was designed with a movable entrance, that would change throughout the year allowing all the tribe benefactors' plaques equal exposure to the entrance and reflecting the entrance habits and culture of the Native American tribes involved.

Pueblo Rennovation

This design was developed to replace a meat packaging plant on the Pueblo, Colorado River Walk Area with a shopping and entertainment center combined with a hidden parking garage. Following the renovation of this area the plant was to be demolished to create a new commercial area that would reflect the design of the surrounding city. The fountain in the Native American casino entrance is created from all the US Indian head coins.

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